Criminal Case Lawyers: The best lawyers near me, changing lawyers, and fees

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Criminal Case Lawyers: The best lawyers near me, changing lawyers, and fees

You need to find a criminal defense lawyer, fast.

But how? Where? Who?


Don’t worry!

We’ll tell you:

how to find and choose the best criminal case lawyers near you

how to change lawyers

what the fees are to hire a criminal case lawyer.

The best criminal case lawyers near me

The best criminal case lawyers near me

Having too many choices is overwhelming.

However, having too few choices is risky, especially when choosing a lawyer.

Let’s have a look at the best way to find criminal case lawyers near you!

How to choose the best criminal defense lawyer for your case

We consulted lawyer Takeshi Okano for his advice on choosing the best criminal case lawyer.

Hello, my name is Takeshi Okano, a practicing lawyer in Tokyo.

There are three important factors to consider when choosing a lawyer:

History of cases


Easy access/communication

Of course, these three are not the only factors.

But, they are the factors that we believe are the most important.

First, let’s talk about the criminal case lawyer’s history.

The lawyer’s history of cases is very important.

You wouldn’t want to entrust your case to someone who has never won in court, right?

Make sure the lawyer has a good record of success.

You’ll want a lawyer with years of experience.

Also check the lawyer’s experience.

The longer a criminal case lawyer has been in the business, the more variety of cases they will have handled.

This kind of experience is crucial when winning cases.

And finally, there’s no point in finding a good criminal case lawyer if you can’t contact them!

Make sure the lawyer is easy to contact and communicate with.

A good criminal case lawyer must be readily available through many outlets.

They should also be easy to talk to, clairifying any details of the case that need explaining.

And there we are, the three most important factors when choosing a criminal case lawyer.

Now that you know what you need to look for, how do you find them?

How to find the best criminal case lawyer near me

Here is a convenient tool to find all the lawyers in your region.

Sift through them with the three factors discussed above in mind!






Or, to make it easier, you can even have free consultations through Facebook and LINE using this tool.

Because they’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, you can find a good lawyer quickly and conveniently.

LINE consultations are anonymous, as well, so you can consult with peace of mind.




Hopefully, these tools will help you find the perfect lawyer.

However, maybe this isn’t your first time finding and hiring a lawyer for your case.

Are you looking to change lawyers, instead?

Want to change lawyers?

Want to change lawyers?


Perhaps you rushed into a contract with a criminal case lawyer.

It turns out, they aren’t up to your standards.

You might ask yourself,

“Am I stuck with this lawyer?”

The answer is no.

You can change your criminal case lawyer at any point during the case.

How to change your criminal defense lawyer

The Steps to Changing Your Lawyer
1. Find a new criminal case lawyer
Using the tools and methods above, find a new lawyer that better suits your needs.
2. End your contract with your first lawyer
Amicably break contract with your first criminal case lawyer, and don’t forget to pay any outstanding fees.
3. Write a contract with your new lawyer!
Write the new contract, and there you have it!
A new criminal case lawyer!

For more details, please consult a lawyer.

Remember, you never have to stay with one lawyer if they aren’t representing you properly.

Who to change your criminal case lawyer to

This one is easy.

Change your criminal case lawyer to someone who better fits you!

Use your own senses and our methods mentioned above.

Find a more experienced lawyer with a better history and who is easy to communicate with.

What are the fees to hire a criminal case lawyer?

What are the fees to hire a criminal case lawyer?

It’s hard not to worry about this.

When you’re stressed, you don’t want to be worrying about money, too.

We will go through a simple breakdown of the fees incrued when hiring a criminal case lawyer.

A breakdown of the fees

In Japan, there are three main fees paid to a criminal case lawyer, and some additional fees.

These are:

the consultation fee

the initial/mobilization fee

the contingency fee

additional travel/daily expenses

We’ve asked Mr. Okano once again for his insight.

The consultation fee for criminal cases in Japan is usually around ¥10,000 per hour.

However, more firms these days have been offering conditional free initial consultations.

Free Initial Consultations

This is especially true if your family has been arrested.

Also when you end up choosing the lawyer/firm you initially consulted with.

The initial/mobilization fee is the non-refundable fee that occurs once the lawyer begins their activities.

This fee fluctuates greatly depending on the case.

Usually, the harder the case to solve the more expensive the fee.

The market price for the initial/mobilization fee in Japan is around ¥200,000 to ¥500,000.

Regardless of the result, this fee must be paid.

The contingency fee occurs when the lawyer wins a positive outcome.

You don’t pay this fee if the lawyer doesn’t win a positive outcome.

This amount also fluctuates depending on the outcome of the case.

The better the outcome, the higher the fee.

Additional fees may include travel expenses, daily allowances, document delivery fees, and so on.

These fees are probably the ones that will fluctuate the most depending on the situation.

Summary of Criminal Case Lawyer Fees

Three main fees, and additional fees:

✓the consultation fee

✓the initial/mobilization fee

✓the contingency fee

✓additional travel/daily expenses

We hope this breakdown put your mind somewhat at ease!

Remember, every lawyer and law firm is different.

Shop around to find the prices and quality you need.

Which criminal case lawyer should you choose?

Which criminal case lawyer should you choose?

Speak to a number of lawyers before choosing one!

We’ve looked at all the important factors when finding and choosing a criminal case lawyer.

Now, it’s time to speak to some lawyers and choose one!

If you’d like, use our Facebook and LINE consultation tool, or our regional search tool.





In case anything is unclear, here is an easy-to-understand summary of:

Choosing, Finding, and Changing Your Criminal Case Lawyer
Choosing a Criminal Case Lawyer
Check the lawyer’s history of cases, experience and accessiblity.
Finding a Criminal Case Lawyer Near Me
Use these tools: free Facebook and LINE consultation, and regional criminal case lawyer search.
Changing your Criminal Case Lawyer
Follow these steps: find a new criminal case lawyer, end your contract with your first lawyer, and write a contract with your new lawyer!
Fees to Hire a Criminal Case Lawyer
The fees break down to: the consultation fee, the initial/mobilization fee, the contingency fee, and additional travel/daily expenses.

For more details, please consult a lawyer.

We hope this article pointed you in the right direction!

Reach out to a criminal case lawyer now.



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